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An Ounce of Prevention Tea


I have made it through the start of a Fall for the first time in years without getting horribly sick. Even after all the cortisone shots I have had. The only change is I have added this tea to my daily routine and I think this may be the key to my good health this winter!


Some quick notes – Ginger good for upset stomach, inflammation and pain. Cinnamon good for boosting that immune system, vitamin C from lemons helps too. Cloves help with pain, they aren’t listed but I like to add them because I love the flavor. I also will sometimes use Manuka Honey for its extra benefits. And if you have a bit of a headache, reach for this tea, it is better than popping Aspirin and easier on your stomach! This is also a great hangover “cure” and good for lady cramps 😀

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It’s no secret that I love ginger. You can always find a large, fresh root in my flavor arsenal (otherwise known as the basket I keep my onions and other counter-top veggies in). Ginger is not only delicious in many meals or brewed as a simple tea, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory herb with many other extraordinary benefits. Ginger can help boost immunity, aid in the detoxification of your body’s impurities, and even help prevent cancer! For these reasons, I like to use it as the main component in my Prevention Tea.


Aiding the ginger with it’s preventative powers are Ceylon cinnamon, organic lemon, and local honey. Cinnamon contains natural anti-infectious compounds to help fight unwanted pathogens. It can also help stabilize your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cinnamon has even been shown to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells! Not to mention, it’s freaking delicious. 😛

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Author: defeatingpain

I am a Texan and in 2008 I was struck by an SUV while riding my bicycle, I have had C5-C6 and L4-S1 fused. While the surgery did a lot, I was left with Failed Back Syndrome and CRPS. I refuse to sit by and not have a hand in my own recovery, so, this blog documents my trials with finding natural solutions for chronic pain.

2 thoughts on “An Ounce of Prevention Tea

  1. Ooo, looks tasty! I’ll have to try that!!


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