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One Person's Battle Against Chronic Pain

Golly! It is Good to be Back!


Sure has been a long time, this year has been just one long migraine….up until about 2 weeks ago!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of life, and mostly just enjoying the freedom of being able to leave the house. I have been able to do things like walk the dog, or go to the grocery store, it has been a long time since I was able to do that! I am thankful I found a new procedure that is working (which will be featured in an upcoming post!) and happy I am actually able to do more than simply exist in a fog of pain.

I also passed the 2 year mark in July! Huzzah! Still very glad I started this adventure, and hope to keep posting (especially now that I can think enough to write!).

I am feeling as happy about having my life back as my dog looks here:

Ruth the Helper Dog

Ruth the Helper Dog

Yup. That happy.

Author: defeatingpain

I am a Texan and in 2008 I was struck by an SUV while riding my bicycle, I have had C5-C6 and L4-S1 fused. While the surgery did a lot, I was left with Failed Back Syndrome and CRPS. I refuse to sit by and not have a hand in my own recovery, so, this blog documents my trials with finding natural solutions for chronic pain.

4 thoughts on “Golly! It is Good to be Back!

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! I have missed you!


  2. Have you found any essential oils to help with your CRPS? I have allodynia on both legs. I would love some suggestions. I have fabric sensitivy, it’s really a challenge. You have been through a lot.


    • I do have sensitivity sometimes, and I find that the oils that help to numb things help most with tolerating that sort of sensitivity. Tarragon, anise, clove, and many others can be great topical numbing agents – and you can make a handy spray with just some witch hazel (or rubbing alcohol) and a spray bottle from the travel section in a store. You may also want to look into St John’s Wort and Arnica as well. ^_^ Stay positive, and try a few different ones since your body may react to one better than another.


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